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[CC BY SA](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/) Authors: - https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie (main contact, email me: greenlist@nieebel.anonaddy.com) - https://social.tchncs.de/@michiel - https://digitalcourage.social/@schrofi - and more anonymous contributors last edited 04th Dec 2023 by https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie --- # Yet another green list for a better future😁 Mostly mentioning only "good" companies/brands based on the "best-in-class" approach with a focus on Europe, where "good" could be in one of those three dimensions: - Freedom (Linux support, free and open source software (GPL/EPL/MPL)) - Sustainability (producer, supply chain, green energy) - Repairability, longevity and consumer openness Please note, the rank is only comparable within one category. --- ## Table of contents [TOC] --- # Smartphones / phone devices (updated Apr 2023) - **A+ Fairphone (Qualcomm SoC)** - by far the [most sustainable phone producer](https://www.fairphone.com/en/impact-report/), with fair and [transparent supply chain](https://open.sourcemap.com/maps/5d555c199562d4f479e529e6), highest [repairability score](https://www.ifixit.com/smartphone-repairability), [incredible long software support](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/107257546077279672), [helpful community](https://forum.fairphone.com/), and huge user freedom ([open bootloader, more Google-independence together with /e/-foundation](https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405858189585) and [iode](https://iode.tech/en/shop/fairphone-3/), [official LingeageOS support](https://forum.fairphone.com/t/official-lineageos-18-1-for-fairphone-3-fairphone-3/74662) or [postmarketOS support](https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Fairphone_4_(fairphone-fp4)), transparent [issue tracker](https://issuetracker.fairphone.com/products/fp2-a9/-/issues), CSR grade 2021: 2 [^test21] ) - A https://www.shiftphones.com/ ([MediaTek](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382)/Qualcomm, Custom-ROM support, [going into ecogood.org direction and a very nice sustainability/impact reprt](https://www.shiftphones.com/downloads/SHIFT-wirkungsbericht-2019-05-10.pdf), CSR grade 2021: 2 [^test21]) - B++++++++ https://mudita.com/products/pure/ minimalistic e-Ink non-Android phone with opensource OS and NXP iMX and low SAR - B+++++++ https://myrephone.com/ ([MediaTek](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382), CO2 neutral, assembled in Bocholt (Germany), same as Gigaset! not known yet if LineageOS will be supported there or bootloader be openable) - B+++++++ US Purism Librem5 (NXP i.MX8, which are known for much better free software support especially in comparison to Qualcomm, which is known for not providing support for non-latest chipsets) - B++++++ https://myteracube.com ([MediaTek](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382), partner with https://iode.tech/en/ ) - B+++++ [PinePhone Pro](https://www.pine64.org/pinephonepro/) (Rockchip RK3399S Hexacore, 4 GB Ram) - B++++ Pine64 (Allwinner A64 Quad Core SoC with Mali 400 MP2 GPU - not the fastest device!) - B+++ https://myteracube.com/ (repairable Android phone, replaceable battery, 4 years warranty, [MediaTek](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382)) - B++ Volla Phone ([MediaTek](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382) MT6763V, based on Gigaset GS290 - support different OS) - B+ ODSCN 206 simple device based on ThreadX OS (realtime os) https://tilvids.com/videos/watch/2cf6bac6-c993-43fd-9207-ebb5befd3ab3 - B https://maraphones.com/ (made in Africa/Rwanda, mostly use MediaTek) - B- SK Samsung ([92csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/), CSR grade 2021: 3 [^test21], repair score 2022: 5.69 [^repair22] ) - C--- US Apple [85csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) (investing in more responsible supply chain and give long software support, but make their phone hard to repair, CSR grade 2021: 4 [^test21]), repair score 2022: 2.75 [^repair22]) - D- FI Nokia (HMD) (CSR grade 2021: 5 [^test21], [promise good update strategy, which has not been kept in the past](https://social.tchncs.de/@BalouX/107770029687941885)) - D-- FR Wiko - D--- JP Sony [95csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) (CSR grade 2021: 5 [^test21]) - D--- US Dell [94csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/), US HP [96csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) - D--- US Microsoft [97csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/), [ecosia climate pledge rating: B](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776) - D---- US Google [81csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) (Pixels have long software support! They try to get away from Qualcomm for longer CPU support; supporting coreboot, CSR grade 2021: 5 [^test21], repair score 2022: 4.64 [^repair22], [ecosia climate pledge rating: C](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776)) - E TW Acer [98csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/), SK LG [94csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) - E- TW Asus [89csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) - E-- Gigaset (only [2 years software support](https://forum.fairphone.com/t/interessante-artikel-links-zu-fairphone-und-fairer-elektronik/6405/113?u=nieebel), owned by [Chinese company](https://www.borncity.com/blog/2021/04/05/malwareangriff-was-gigaset-android-gertebesitzer-jetzt-machen-sollten/), mostly use [MediaTek](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382)) - E--- BQ (bought by Vietnamese company, assembled in Bocholt (Germany)) - E---- Motorola (CH Lenovo [89csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/), [only 2 years of security updates](https://www.wired.com/story/motorola-software-updates-rant/), repair score 2022: 7.77 [^repair22]) - F-- CH Huawei [59csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) (they make it hard to install alternative operating systems) - G- CH BBK ([Oppo](https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/mar/12/oppo-find-x3-pro-review-chinese-smartphone-champ-cant-beat-samsung), Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, iQOO), CH Xiaomi [39csrhub](https://csrhub.com/) (CSR grade 2021: 5 [^test21]), US Amazon [60csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) [ecosia climate pledge rating: D](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776) - G- TW HTC [64csrhub21](https://csrhub.com/) ![Greenpeace - Guide to Greener Electronics 2017](https://ttm.sh/tCr.png) Check also: -https://geizhals.at/?cat=umtsover&xf=162_LineageOS+Support (thanks to [Christian Peach](https://digitalcourage.social/@chpietsch/108623797607131979)) -prefer Qualcomm over MediaTek: https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382 -https://www.ifixit.com/Right-to-Repair/Repairable-Products -https://pad.hacc.space/repairable-smartphone?view -https://www.heise.de/news/Patchday-Kritische-System-Luecke-laesst-Angreifer-auf-Android-Geraete-6355256.html -> Heise praised update strategy of BlackBerry Fairphone Huawei LG Motorola Nokia Samsung Sony Support fĂŒr Nexus- und Pixel-GerĂ€te Oppo [^test21]: CSR score by test.de from Oct 2021 https://utopia.de/csr-test-stiftung-warentest-smartphones-apple-fairphone-262680/ https://www.test.de/csr-nachhaltige-handys-im-test-5792056-0/ [^repair22]: https://uspirg.org/feature/usp/failing-fix todo: -https://www.test.de/Handy-und-Tablet-reparieren-Wie-leicht-geht-das-5675352-0/ -https://www.test.de/Software-Updates-fuer-Handy-und-Tablets-Welche-Hersteller-zuverlaessig-Updates-liefern-5760329-0/ (Apple, Google, Nokia are the "winners") -https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/mobile-phones -https://www.ecoratingdevices.com/ -https://www.indicereparabilite.fr/ -https://www.sustaphones.com/ and https://lineageosdevices.com/ -https://nachhaltig-telefonieren.de/ # Earphones / headphones / headset (updated Sep 2022) - Fairphone Bluetooth Headset **NEW** - ~~modular in-ear Headset by Fairphone~~ [discontinued](https://forum.fairphone.com/t/modular-headphones-discontinued/74141/13) - Shift Headphones Inear - [Gerrard Street](https://commown.coop/de/unsere-angebote/gerrard-street-kopfh%C3%B6rer/) - https://aiaiai.audio/ added by [@schrofi](https://digitalcourage.social/@schrofi/108236983353203559) - Pro V-MODA Mikrophone - https://todon.nl/@schratze/106235256448723203 - Jabra Engage 65&75 (with replaceable batteries) - https://chinanever.com/categories/headphones-not-made-in-china - Skullcandy - https://ecochain.com/story/the-environmental-footprint-of-headphones/ - House of Marley, woodbuds, ... recommended by https://scicomm.xyz/@tfardet/109064309371929136 - see also https://todon.eu/@nischenleben/108834215444489215 <!-- Maybe add some USB Heasets with good Linux support? --> # Mobile phone network (updated Oct 2021) - wetell.de - goood.de - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/mobile-phone-networks - https://nachhaltig-telefonieren.de/nachhaltige-mobilfunkanbieter/ # USB cable (updated 2021) - A+ Fairphone charging cable (2.0 USB-C / USB-C 3.2 Long Life Cable) - A+ recable USB-Kabel (USB-C / microUSB / Apple) - B [Ansmann](https://www.memo.de/ansmann-2-in-1-synchronisations-und-ladekabel-usb-a-auf-usb-c-micro-usb-1-2-m-e6453) # Powerbanks / chargers (updated 2018) - A WakaWaka - B [Ansmann](https://www.memo.de/technik-licht/ladegeraete-netzteile-solartechnik/powerbanks/) - B Varta # Smartwatch (updated Mar 2022) - pinetime https://mastodon.radio/@M0YNG/106040564789335928 https://pine64.com/product/pinetime-smartwatch-sealed/ - https://codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge/ (AGPL) - https://retro.social/@kelbot/106400938969117530 - https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/nk1are/watches_not_mic/ # Laptops / desktops / mini PCs (updated Apr 2023) - A++ https://primecomputer.de/ (focus on greenIT and modularity) - A+ RYF, Technoethical, Viking, retrofreedom, libiquity (with [libreboot](https://coreboot.org/users.html) - a blob-free coreboot distribution) - A system76, purism, nitrokey.com (with [coreboot](https://coreboot.org/users.html) [^osboot]) - A- tuxedo ( [since 2019 started with coreboot](https://www.tuxedocomputers.com/en/Infos/News/TUXEDO-Computers-stands-for-Free-Software-and-Security-.tuxedo)[^osboot]) - A-- https://frame.work/ 9ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] (modular and repairable laptop, [open source firmware](https://frame.work/blog/open-sourcing-our-firmware) 9ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22]) - A-- https://cairn-devices.eu/ (modular and repairable laptop) - A-- https://shop.shiftphones.com/shift13mi.html (modular and repariable laptop, refund system, support linux) - A---- [MNT Reform](https://www.crowdsupply.com/mnt/reform/updates/the-campaign-is-live) - The open source DIY laptop for hacking, customization, and privacy - A----- [very pc](https://very-pc.co.uk/about-us) (green PCs! and UK manufacturing!, partner with https://www.webarchitects.coop/green-energy to have long-lasting hardware) - B+ https://whyopencomputing.com (partner of https://commown.coop/de/) - B+ https://www.pcvert.fr/ (partner of https://commown.coop/de/) - B [Clevo](https://laptopwithlinux.com) Slimbook.es, Pine64.org, thinkpenguin.com, Entroware, Juno, Star LabTop, configurelaptop.eu (Linux only) - C++++ TW Acer 10ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22], check out for TCO labeled devices, be careful with linux support - maybe chromebooks an alternative) - C+++ TW ASUS 8.5ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22], check out for TCO labeled devices, be careful with linux support - maybe chromebooks an alternative) - C++ Dell, 8.5ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22], check out for TCO labeled devices (ok oekom sustainability ranking, good linux support, [good repairability](https://www.ifixit.com/laptop-repairability), [95csrhub22](https://csrhub.com/)) - C+ HP Chromebook 7.5ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] (with [coreboot](https://coreboot.org/users.html), based on Linux/Android, and be careful with [MediaTek](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382) chips which provide less Linux/Adroid support) - C+ HP inc. (good Oekom sustainability ranking, [good repairability](https://www.ifixit.com/laptop-repairability), good Linux support, [98csrhub22](https://csrhub.com/)), e.g. Elitebook 840/850 or EliteDesk 800 - D Lenovo Thinkpad 8ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] (used to have good linux support, but [newer laptops prevent linux to boot](https://social.tchncs.de/@dagaz/108612874229645813), [91csrhub22](https://csrhub.com/), repair score 2022: 6.99 [^repair22]) - D Apple 8ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] (good sustainability ranking, [91csrhub22](https://csrhub.com/), repair score 2022: 3.16 [^repair22]) - D- LG 8ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] - D-- MSI 7.5ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] - D--- Microsoft surface 7ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] (good sustainability ranking, [but bad repairability], [ecosia climate pledge rating: B](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776)(https://www.ifixit.com/laptop-repairability), [96csrhub22](https://csrhub.com/), repair score 2022: 4.60 [^repair22]) - E Huawei 5.5ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] - E Samsung 5ethicalconsumer22[^ethicalconsumer22] - E Fujitsu - E Sony (bad Linux support or bad sustainability or bad repairability) [^osboot]: check also https://osboot.org/news/policy.html [^ethicalconsumer22]: Check out Ethical Consumer Issue 199 from Nov/Dec 2022: https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/sites/default/files/flipbook/Issue199Preview/10/ (mirror: https://ttm.sh/qXY.pdf ) ![Ethical Consumer Issue 199 - 1 https://ttm.sh/qXY.pdf](https://digitalcourage.social/system/media_attachments/files/109/142/586/756/841/607/original/cc8284766ab75740.png) ![Ethical Consumer Issue 199 - 2 https://ttm.sh/qXY.pdf](https://digitalcourage.social/system/media_attachments/files/109/142/587/256/224/341/original/44ea55efae45882d.png) ![Ethical Consumer Issue 199 - 3 https://ttm.sh/qXY.pdf](https://digitalcourage.social/system/media_attachments/files/109/142/587/828/073/214/original/4d9d2a97a6e6e64f.png) ![Ethical Consumer Issue 199 - 4 https://ttm.sh/qXY.pdf](https://digitalcourage.social/system/media_attachments/files/109/142/658/185/882/900/original/41c3d8e3630d6add.png) todo: -incorporate those latest updates: https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/laptops (especially the smaller producers and check if they support Linux) -https://www.ifixit.com/Right-to-Repair/Repairable-Products -https://www.indicereparabilite.fr/ -TCO labeled devices -good ARM laptops without [MediaThek](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382)? <!-- ![Greenpeace - Guide to Greener Electronics 2017](https://ttm.sh/tCr.png) !--> # Where to get refurbished PCs / Laptops / Smartphones (updated March 2021) - A+ https://afbshop.de (green) - A+ https://vireo.de (green) - A+ https://www.memo.de/technik-licht/computer-multimedia/generalueberholte-it/ (green) - A+ https://www.revamp-it.ch/index.php/en/ (linux first) - A https://www.greenpanda.de/ (green) - B https://shop.bb-net.de/ - B https://www.sims-it-shop.de/ - B https://www.conrad.de/de/o/refurbished-b-ware-laptops-0413037.html # System on a chip / single-board-computer (SOC/SBC) (updated June 2021) - A riscv.org (not yet fully on consumer market, but e.g. [Allwinner is planing something soon](https://mastodon.social/@olimex/106028022010698359) and [Barcelona Supercomputer Center is also panning something](https://www.hpcwire.com/off-the-wire/bsc-working-towards-first-completely-open-source-european-full-stack-ecosystem-based-on-new-risc-v-cpu/) and we have [BeagleV announced as the first affordable RISC-V board designed to run Linux](https://beagleboard.org/blog/2021-01-13-beagleboard-org-and-seeed-introduce-the-first-affordable-risc-v-board-designed-to-run-linux) and StarFive’s Jinghong 7110 SoC) - B+ - [olimex.com](https://mastodon.social/@olimex) [opensource hardware!](https://www.oshwa.org/) from Bulgaria with iMX8Qmax (long term support at least until 2028) or Lime2 (based on Allwinner CPU from China) (collaboration with Armbian from Slovenia) (nice website with lots of nice stuff! Works with [Kodi](https://olimex.wordpress.com/category/kodi/) or with [OMV](https://www.openmediavault.org/) as a NAS / Nextcloud.com (since it has 1x SATA port for 2,5")... - B adafruit.com - (C++ edit2024: to be downgraded due to [recent activity](https://chaos.social/@Natanox/110220871952686421)...) Raspberry Pi (UK) (not open source hardware and FSF doesn't like the Broadcom(US) chips, but amazing community and lots of reverse engineering, learning resources + documentation are CCBYSA, most of the boards are made by Sony in Wales) (raspberry pi 1/2 are way slower than imx6dual!) - C++ HummingBoard / CuBox (SolidRun - NXP i.MX, great chipset used e.g. in purism librem5, made to be long-lasting and mostly without proprietary blobs) - C+ OpenRex/iMX6 Rex (with NXP/FreeScale i.MX6 - recommended by FSF, but not very popular, so first check the official images from them) from slovakia (FEDEVEL/VOIPAC) https://www.imx6rex.com/ https://www.voipac.com/#Webshop - (open source hardware, but everything in CC/CCNC) (lots of accessories like temperature sensor) - C wandboard.org, using NXP i.MX - C toradex.com (swiss) comercial and complex hardware, using NXP i.MX - C- BeagleBone from US with ARM by Texas Instruments (oshwa certified! CCSA but FSF likes iMX6 more... Rockwell chips might have better support) - C-- pine64.org (not oshwa certified, but great community) - C--- Odroid (AmLogic USA CPU no info by FSF but they do good Linux support, heise likes their driver support, kodi/libreelec like them for they good hardware acceleration) by hardkernel (South Korea) (not open source hardware! big community ) (not the XU4/HC1 because FSF don't like Samsung Exynos CPU although) - C---- Libre Computer Project by Shenzhen Libre Technology with many boards (AllWinner Hx -> FSF doesn't like; Amlogic USA no info by FSF but they do good Linux support; Rockchip partially Ok by FSF!) (partly open source hardware but not oshwa certified, always check software support!) - C----- Orange Pi by Shenzhen Xunlong Software collaboration with Armbian(Slovenia) (with Allwinner CPU from China or Rockchip from China) (they say it's open source hardware but not oshwa certified) - C------ Banana Pi by Shenzhen SINOVOIP (did belong to foxconn... not good) (Mostly AllWinner Axx CPU, ok for FSF, but not open source hardware and they don't seem to offer much support!) (They say it's open source hardware but not oshwa certified) - C------- UDOO QUAD (with NXP/FreeScale i.MX6 - recommended by FSF) from Italy (not oshwa certified, but everything in CCSA) - pages are a bit outdated and Udoo focus now more on AMD64 architecture... - D [Kobol Helios4/64 for NAS](https://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php?thread/19871-which-energy-efficient-arm-platform-to-choose/&postID=154980#post154980) might be outdated: -Dont buy mediaTek due to GPL violations, bad software support... Broadcom, Qualcomm and Intel are not good but less worse! see also https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382 -PandaBoard TI OMAP from US with ARM by Texas Instruments (not oshwa certified but open source hardware - FSF likes iMX6 more...) - looks like no updates -IGEPv2 DM3730 or better (for FSF) IGEPv5 OMAP5432 (Texas Instruments) by ISEE (Spain) (open source hardware but not oshwa certified, but everything in CCNCSA) ( https://www.wdlsystems.com/search?keywords=IGEP ) -Cubieboard (seem to be outdated) -nanoPi by FriendlyElec (China) - doesn't seem to have huge community -FSF ranking here: https://www.fsf.org/resources/hw/single-board-computers -https://certification.oshwa.org/list.html -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open-source_computing_hardware todo: - https://www.onlogic.com/ # Kodi / home theater pc (HTPC) (updated May 2021) - B- NXP Arm devices (not that popular for this usecase at the moment, but with the new powerfull imx8 and better hardware support it will come. imx6 devices are not that powerful (no 4k) and have limited support for Kodi/[libreelec](https://libreelec.tv/2021/02/upcoming-changes/), but NXP is the greenest company what you currently can have + great openess for Linux community + long-lasting in mind!) - Olimex A20/A64-OlinuXino-Lime2 (oshw) (check latest [olimex news](https://olimex.wordpress.com/category/kodi/) and get latest libreelec 9 (Kodi 18) images from their [ftp](ftp://staging.olimex.com/Allwinner_Images/a64-olinuxino/linux/3.LibreELEC_KODI_images/) - no 4k support) - HummingBoard/CuBox devices have to been popular, not all of them support fullHD/4k streaming or run latest Kodi stable - check first on their website and on the latest nightly build [libreelec images](https://test.libreelec.tv/) - wandboard.org devices - check first on their website and on the latest nightly build [libreelec images](https://test.libreelec.tv/) - Udoo dual/quad i.MX6 work great with [libreelec 8.2 and now have some (untested) libreelec 10 images available](https://www.udoo.org/forum/threads/ubuntu-18-04-for-udoo-quad-dual.29621/page-2#post-61370) - be aware that they are not produced anymore and Udoo is focusing more on standard AMD64 devices. - C++++ old laptop like Chromebook from 2015 onwards with play store to install Kodi from there - C++++ old computer or server with Intel Celeron/NUC or AMD c-60 / Turion II Neo or successors (max 25W TDP) - don't waste your time with underpowered single core CPUs like Intel Atom N455, which is too slow to render internet streams properly - C++++ old Smartphone with mHL, USB-c video output or any other video output with Android >=7 (scrcpy via microUSB or miraCast is good to show pictures but it's hard to get a setup without lag and working audio... ChromeCast dongle or any other proprietary screen sharing solution by your TV works better but often require Android 9 or newer device to share screen properly via WiFi) - C++ Raspberry Pi - https://libreelec.tv/downloads_new/ (get Raspberry Pi 4 for 4k) - great devices for Kodi but be aware of the not that greenish broadcom chipset - C-- pine64 - [Allwinner](https://libreelec.tv/downloads-new-allwinner/) and [Rockchip](https://libreelec.tv/downloads_new/rockchip/) devices have been known for not too good hardware acceleration driver support - but the pine64 community is great! - C--- Odroid e.g. https://libreelec.tv/downloads_new/odroid_c2/ or further [untested images](https://test.libreelec.tv/) - Amlogic devices are pretty popular by libreelec developers for good hardware acceleration and they are cheap - D other arm device with [offcial](https://libreelec.tv/downloads_new)/[unofficial](https://test.libreelec.tv/) libreelec support, but check upfront if board is capable of render and output HD/fullHD/4k depending on the used screen - D other arm SoC device with Android >=7 support (performance not that good as with libreelec but very good compatibility of multiple devices via Android hardware APIs) - D other arm devices with Linux - be careful kodi does not work out of the box on all devices, please check in respective Forum if Kodi works and in which version - F [nVidia](https://yewtu.be/watch?v=IVpOyKCNZYw) shield Please note: Libreelec >=9 (Kodi >=18) is needed to play DRM content from e.g. Netflix or joyn. Be aware that Netflix/widevine limits some hardware to SD only. To do: Is there some fps benchmark for Kodi for older Hardware? - to do still looking for the fairphone of Kodi # Tablets / eBook-Reader (updated Oct 2023) - A https://github.com/joeycastillo/The-Open-Book - B++ Raspberry 4/5 powered tablet: [RasPad 3](https://fosstodon.org/@Raspberry_Pi@raspberrypi.social/111210077185633666) - B+ Tolino (have NXP i.MX6 with >=500MB, except Tolino Shine (2013) 256MB, e.g. tolino vision 2 / shine 2 (intern microSD slot!) or vision (microSD slot) or vision 3 or vision 4 with 8gb - should be all rootable) - ? Pocketbook (Linux eInk eBook Reader, mostly Allwinner CPU), e.g. [Inkpad 3](https://social.fedcast.ch/notice/AEiz1p2iFq7LDPPfhA) - B Google Pixel C tablet (with [coreboot](https://coreboot.org/users.html) and [good sustainability ranking](https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/microsoft-google-amazon-energy-oil-ai-climate-hypocrite/)), [ecosia climate pledge rating: C](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776) - C HP (good oekom sustainability ranking, good repairability, good Linux support) - C- Microsoft surface (good sustainability ranking), [ecosia climate pledge rating: B](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776), but be careful with repairability - ? JingPad? CH (pure Linux tablet from China) https://fosstodon.org/@geotechland/106110493859293980 https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/106709893285275231 - ? Foliate Linux Ebook Viewer https://tilvids.com/videos/watch/0453ae8c-318d-42b5-996d-f272b54ced6e - ? Kobo Mini -> [Why the Kobo Mini is a terrible ebook reader](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo4ulWnSqYs) - D Apple (good sustainability ranking) - D- Lenovo, Fujitsu, Dell - D-- Acer, Asus - F Sony, Huawei, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Xiaomi ... - F-- Amazon Kindle/Fire [ecosia climate pledge rating: D](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776) Check also: -https://www.mobileread.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=234 and https://gruene.social/@norbert/108120422384073828 -https://openboard.ch/index.en.html -https://social.tchncs.de/@rommudoh/106838249212421363 -https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/tablets-e-readers -https://www.ifixit.com/Right-to-Repair/Repairable-Products -https://www.indicereparabilite.fr/ # Printers (updated May 2022) Get a blue angel certified printer: - https://www.blauer-engel.de/en/productworld/printers-and-multifunction-devices/printer?mfilter%5B0%5D%5Btype%5D=producttypes&mfilter%5B0%5D%5Bvalue%5D=763%2C766%2C765%2C768%2C762%2C761%2C764%2C760%2C759 - https://www.memolife.de/technik-licht/drucker-druckerzubehoer/?p=1&followSearch=9616&o=_&n=24&f%7C~~Umweltzeichen=Blauer-s-Engel-s-RAL-s-UZ Some producers: - JP Brother Industries (92% csrhub.com 2022) ([where produced?](https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/mwmtx9/brother_japanese_printers_and_components/)) - JP Kyocera (88% csrhub.com 2022) (where produced?) And buy one with linux support (even if you don't use Linux)! E.g. check here: https://h-node.org/printers/catalogue/en/1/1/Brother-Industries-Ltd/undef/undef/undef/compatibility/undef Printers manufactured in Japan/Europe should be preferred (see [below for more information on "good" countries](https://pad.hacc.space/green-hardware-ranking?both#Good-Countries)). # 3D-Printers (updated Jan 2022) - Prusa Research ([open Hardware](https://oshdata.com/2020/04/10/state-of-open-hardware-in-europe/), used by https://www.verstehbahnhof.de/ ) - Ultimaker ([open Hardware](https://oshdata.com/2020/04/10/state-of-open-hardware-in-europe/)) - https://www.opensourceecology.org/d3d-pro/ (certified open source hardware) # WiFi-Routers (updated August 2021) - LibreCMC (a libre and stripped down version of OpenWRT) https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/free-software-wireless-n-mini-vpn-router-v3-tpe-r1300 - openWRT - Joy-IT OR750i: Freifunk- & OpenWrt-Dual-Band-Router https://shop.heise.de/router-joy-it-qr750i todo: -check what devices are used by freifunk community and sort them by sustainability -check about vendor specifc harware (Telekom, Vodafone, ...) -https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/free-software-wireless-n-mini-vpn-router-v3-tpe-r1300 # Computer hardware ## Mouse / keyboard (updated March 2021) https://www.blauer-engel.de/de/produktwelt/elektrogeraete/computer-und-tastaturen/tastaturen - A+ nager-it.de mouse - A [Machanical keyboard Cairn Mesa Key](https://forum.fairphone.com/t/cairn-mesa-a-project-of-a-modular-laptop/83651/2) (Made in FR/DE, with keyswitches from Cherry) - B Logitech - B Cherry - B- Fujitsu (Blauer Engel) check also here: - https://www.memo.de/technik-licht/computer-multimedia/zubehoer-kabel/tastaturen-maeuse/ - https://www.blauer-engel.de/de/produktwelt/elektrogeraete/computer-und-tastaturen/tastaturen ## Chips (updated Oct 2021) - B+ NXP (iMX chips - great Linux support, very open!, known for long lasting industry products) - B AMD (83csrhub - Less sustainable than Intel but more open and Linux friendly!) - ? Cologne Chip AG (low-cost FPGA producer) - B- TW Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Lt (TSMC) #1 Semiconductors oekom 2018 B- (behind Intel and Samsung the 3rd largest semiconductor manufacturer and the world largest independent contract manufacturer) (Joint venture with NXP, which is good) (wiki:Most of the leading fabless semiconductor companies such as Qualcomm, Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), MediaTek, Marvell and Broadcom Inc. are customers of TSMC, as well as emerging players such as Spectra7, Spreadtrum, AppliedMicro, Allwinner Technology and HiSilicon, and many smaller companies. Leading programmable logic device companies Xilinx and previously Altera also make or made use of TSMC's foundry services. Some integrated device manufacturers that have their own fabrication facilities like Intel, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments outsource some of their production to TSMC.[..] Apple is sourcing its new A8 and A8X SoCs from TSMC and later sourced the A9 SoC with both TSMC and Samsung (to increase volume for iPhone 6s launch) with the A9X being exclusively made by TSMC, thus resolving the issue of sourcing a chip in two different microarchitecture sizes. Apple has become TSMC's most important customer.) 94csrhub - B- CH ST Microelectronics #2 Semiconductors oekom 2018 B- (#1 overall oekom 2008 B) (partners: Lenord + Bauer(Bosch, Siemens, BMW, Miele, Konica Minolta, Innovation Campus Lemgo), WĂŒrth Electronik, siana-systems (zigbee, Siemens), sensory.com US (amazon, at&t, waze, samsung, huawei, garmin, lenovo, LG, logitech, ZTE, Mattel, Motorola, pioneer, sony, toshiba, adidas, hasbro), onboardsecurity.com US (BSI DE, GM), neovision.fr (Schneider electric, Naval Group), kpit.com CH (sap, microsoft, oracle, ibm, siemens, docker, chef, saltstack, tĂŒv, hp, aws), i-soft.com.cn (ZTE, NEC/Renesas, Huawei), en.intecs.it (italienische zĂŒge, ..?), emcraft (linux on NXP / STMicroelectronics / Microsemi/Microchip/IDT - nice!), beeond.net US (Honeywell-Matrikon) 96csrhub - B- US Intel oekom 2018 #3 Semiconductor B- no rankabrand 96csrhub (27/100 #9/15 greenpeace cool it 2010) - C- US Texas instruments 91csrhub - ? Israel SolidRun - ? US Amlogic - D US Qualcomm (snapdragon, FSF doesn't like) 80csrhub - D US Honeywell 80csrhub (against right to repair...) - D- US Marvell Technology Group (customer: Samsung Electronics, Hitachi, Seagate Technology, Fujitsu and Toshiba) 61csrhub - D-- US Broadcom (monopolist! FSF doesn't like) 25csrhub - E- MediaTek 69csrhub (FSF hates them for GPL violations and [they are known for bad support of older devices in the linux kernel](https://fosstodon.org/@tuxdevices/107084921806884382)) - E- TW VIA 21csrhub - E- US nVidia (shitty Linux support, no openness at all) 89csrhub ![https://youtu.be/IOvqN23Sr4o?t=576;https://digitalcourage.social/web/statuses/106528832682157918](https://pad.hacc.space/uploads/upload_a4351ee8bbf6046dd40497b028090b08.png) todo: - https://www.tachyum.com/ (from Slovakia, EU) ## Motherboard (updated May 2021) (check for libreboot/coreboot supported hardware) - B https://www.raptorcs.com (open source firmware based on POWER9) - C TW Asus 92csrhub ([made in Taiwan/China](https://chinanever.com/categories/pcs-laptops-not-made-in-china), B+ in 2007 Oekom Research (ecoguide-it.com D+ CSR Note) C- rankabrand 3,6wegreen D greenpeace 2017 62csrhub2018, [they are not really supportive to get stuff repaired...](https://pad.hacc.space/green-hardware-ranking?view#Motherboard)) - C- TW Gigabyte 51csrhub (made in Taiwan/China) - D TW MSI 83csrhub (foxconn...) ## RAM (updated July 2021) - C DE Infineon oekom 2011 C-, last place at wegreen.de Note 4,7 2012 no rankabrand 86csrhub, [want to be carbon neutral by 2030](https://www.heise.de/news/Infineon-will-bis-2030-klimaneutral-werden-6127107.html) - C- US Crucial / Micron Technology 63csrhub ([some DDR4 assembled in Mexico, made by Micron (US) in Singapore](https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/kjw6pw/assembled_in_mexico_crucial_ballistix_ddr4_ram/)) - ? some in Japan produced RAM? Not recommended: - ? US Kingston NAcsrhub - ? TW Transcend 8csrhub - ? SK Hynix 63csrhub - ? Corsair RAM is [probably made in Taiwan](https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/kjw6pw/assembled_in_mexico_crucial_ballistix_ddr4_ram) - ? Viper memory by Patriot [is made in Taiwan](https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/kjw6pw/assembled_in_mexico_crucial_ballistix_ddr4_ram) - E SK Samsung ## HDD: (updated June 2021) (be careful with SMR for RAID) - C Western Digital (US) - D+ Hitachi (JP) ([mostly made in Thailand](https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/g7wcy5/computer_components_made_in_usa/foksw73?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)) - D Seagate Technology (US) ## SSD (updated June 2021) (prefer M2 or pcie over SATA) - C Kioxia (JP) (former Toshiba 90csrhub) (new generation of BiCS FLASH made in Japan in collaboration with WD) - D Crucial / Micron Technology (US) used by Vikings.net RYF PCs, 63csrhub - E Samsung (SK) ## microSD (updated June 2021) - C Kioxia (JP) (former Toshiba 90csrhub) (new generation of BiCS FLASH made in Japan in collaboration with WD) - D SanDisk (US) (mainly made/assembled in Malaysia) - E Samsung (SK) ## Fans (updated June 2021) - ebm-papst, [made in Hungary](https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/k7ks3c/building_a_not_made_in_china_pc/gj3pxy2?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) ## Case (updated June 2021) - TL electronic, [made in Germany](https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/k7ks3c/building_a_not_made_in_china_pc/gj3pxy2?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) # Monitor (updated Jun 2021) https://www.memolife.de/technik-licht/computer-multimedia/monitore/ - Eizo - Fujitsu - Iiyama - HP # Bluetooth music box (upadted Jun 2022) https://forum.fairphone.com/t/sustainably-built-bluetooth-speakers/84022 # Camera (updated June 2021) - C++ JP Sony (96csrhub) (CMOS image sensors made in Japan) GRI report - C+ JP Nikon (97csrhub) no rankabrand - JP Canon (90csrhub) (ecoguide-it.com D-) # Television (updated Mar 2022) https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/televisions https://www.indicereparabilite.fr/appareils/televiseur/?orderby=price-desc Proprietary television operating systems from e.g Samsung or Hisense should be avoided. They are not known for providing long-lasting software support and outdated third-party apps. Same for Amazon's FireTV which don't promote a good ecosystem and make it hard to install third-party apps. Don't use [Vizio, they are full of bloatware and tracking and do not comply with GPL](https://framatube.org/w/dim4ptC3YeSLCGtJtsBJEp?start=16m11s) Please note, [Philips branded TVs, LCD monitors and displays are not produced by Philips](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TPV_Technology#History)! # Streaming (Netflix alternatives) (updated Apr 2023) ![https://web.archive.org/web/20220711075251/https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/streaming-services bzw https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/108627646041114892](https://digitalcourage.social/system/media_attachments/files/108/627/638/654/887/195/original/22a5c6bec507d21e.png) - A Zattoo (green hosted by [windcores.de](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19wjTPnUVco)) - B++ ARD Mediathek (no DRM, see ["Green Shooting" in their sustainability report 2020](https://ard.de/nachhaltigkeit), cooperating e.g. with Bavaria Fiction, Ziegler Film, Roxy Film, WĂŒste Film, Mafilm; check also [here](https://www.swr.de/unternehmen/nachhaltigkeit-green-production-2020-100.pdf)) - B videociety/freenetVideo [green hosted](https://www.thegreenwebfoundation.org/green-web-check/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.videociety.de%2F) by videociety (DE?) /Corpex Internet Gmbh (probably DRM...) - B videobuster (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telepool / NETLEIH GmbH, connection to BR/ORF/SFR) green hosted by Hetzner (DE) but DRM! (except, if you rent DVDs) - B- https://www.idfa.nl/en/collection/free (no DRM) - ? https://alugha.com/ (DRM?) - ? https://www.vodclub.online/ - ? https://libreflix.org/ (DRM-free) - ? https://www.imagotv.fr/ - ? http://eotv.de/ (DRM-free) - ? https://www.kino-on-demand.com/ or https://www.goethe-on-demand.de/ (both by Rushlake Media) (DRM???) - ? https://video.blender.org/videos/overview (DRM-free) - ? https://vidcommons.org/videos/overview (DRM-free) - C ITV - C- Apple (US) - C-- microsoft (US) "green" hosted ([greenpeace.org](https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/microsoft-google-amazon-energy-oil-ai-climate-hypocrite/), [ecosia climate pledge rating: B](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776))) - C--- google (US) "green" hosted ([but they are not green as you would think](https://framagit.org/greenfediverse/green-instances/-/blob/master/rejectlist/google.md), [ecosia climate pledge rating: C](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776))) - D Netflix (runs on [Amazon/AWS!](https://ethical.net/technology/amazon-alternatives-guide-how-and-why-to-avoid-amazon/)) - partially green production https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110293004499329352 - D--- Facebook (US) - D---- rakuten (JP) "green" hosted by Cloudflare ([which is not good](https://framagit.org/greenfediverse/green-instances/-/blob/master/rejectlist/cloudflare.md)) - D----- alleskino.de (Hamburg) not green - D----- sky (DE) no green - partially green production https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110293004499329352 - D------ vimeo DRM free! but not green - D------- maxdome (Pro7/Sat1) not green - D------- chili (IT) not green - D-------- Videoload.de (Telekom) not green - D HBO - F- Amazon [ecosia climate pledge rating: D](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776) check also -[https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/streaming-services (Jul 2022)](https://web.archive.org/web/20220711075251/https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/streaming-services) -http://www.clickclean.org/germany/de/ -https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/technology/shopping-guide/streaming-services -https://www.defectivebydesign.org/guide/video -https://ihavenotv.com/ (no DRM, [trade-free.org](https://www.verzeichnis.handelsfrei.org/gueter-dienstleistungen/ihavenotv-com/), not sure if legal?) ![Greenpeace 2016 - Click Clean Video](https://ttm.sh/iI_.png) <!-- ![https://media.greenpeace.org/collection/27MZIFJJRUIB7#/SearchResult&ALID=27MZIFJJRUIB7&VBID=27MDQ5NJJ345N&POPUPPN=4&POPUPIID=27MZIFJJRUQ1X - 2017](https://pad.hacc.space/uploads/upload_f772474ce4dc8d1032f1a80df9bf97b3.png) ![https://www.daserste.de/ard/die-ard/wie-wir-funktionieren/ARD-Nachhaltigkeitsbericht-104.pdf](https://pad.hacc.space/uploads/upload_97be87bd995fe3d62d227578e781f1bb.png) --> # Music streaming (Spotify alternatives) (updated May 2022) - A Funkwhale (part of fediverse, GPL, DRM-free) (e.g. https://open.audio https://funkwhale.eliotberriot.com/ or https://music.nomagic.uk/ - all green hosted by ovh) - A https://resonate.is/ (hosted green by Hetzner) - A radio streams, e.g. find one via Nextcloud Radio plugin (https://www.radio-browser.info/) or Community Radio Station Board (hosted green on Hetzner) and check via https://www.thegreenwebfoundation.org/ if the stream itself is hosted green, e.g. https://schenklradio.de/ (hosted green on Hetzner) or https://tilderadio.org/ (hostet green on Hetzner/OVH) - A [Airsonic](https://airsonic.github.io/) or [Navidrome](https://github.com/navidrome/navidrome/) (both GPL) - stream you own media, self hosted - B+ [FreeTube](https://github.com/FreeTubeApp/FreeTube) / [Invidous](https://invidious.snopyta.org) (listen to Youtube without downloading videos, DRM-free!) or InnerTube (F-Droid) - B Youtube Musik ("green" hosted by Google [but they are not green as you would think](https://codeberg.org/GreenFediverse/green-instances/src/branch/master/rejectlist)) - C- soundcloud.com (not hosted green, but DRM-free and lots of community content) - C-- bandcamp.com ([no information about usage of green energy](https://twitter.com/belnovmun/status/1489306722288164871), but DRM-free and they offer Creative-Commons licenses, [bought by Epic Games which isn't good](https://chaos.social/@HackyScientress/107888512800641697)) - C--- Apple Music (hosted green, DRM!) - D MelOn - D Naver - E+ spotify (hosted green, [supporting open source](https://gnulinux.ch/spotify-foerdert-open-source-software), but DRM!) or download via [Spotiflyer](https://f-droid.org/packages/com.shabinder.spotiflyer) - F Amazon [ecosia climate pledge rating: B](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110224348236507776) check also - http://www.clickclean.org/international/en/ - https://ethical.net/resources/?resource-category=streaming-services ![Greenpeace 2016 - Click Clean Music](https://ttm.sh/iIA.png) <!-- ![https://media.greenpeace.org/collection/27MZIFJJRUIB7#/SearchResult&ALID=27MZIFJJRUIB7&VBID=27MDQ5NJJ345N&POPUPPN=6&POPUPIID=27MZIFJJRURUR - 2017](https://pad.hacc.space/uploads/upload_d2cb4505d6828feac7455d6b64949eaa.png) --> # Youtube / TED / Skillshare / Pluralsight alternative (updated 2021) - https://open.edx.org/ ([AGPL](https://github.com/edx/edx-platform) Software) # Mentimeter alternative (updated Feb 2022) - https://bittefeedback.de/ (MIT licensed, hosted green on Hetzner) # Email (updated Feb 2022) - A Posteo.de (Greenpeace energy) - A https://monocles.de/ ([solar power and refurbished hardware!](https://monocles.de/more/#eco-section)) - A [hostsharing.net eG](https://www.hostsharing.net/angebote/managed-webspace/) - A- mailbox.org (recommended by digitalcourage.de) - A- tutanota.com (in process of getting listed in thegreenwebfoundation.org) - A-- https://ssl.greensta.de/ (Greenpeace energy) - C protonmail.com (not hosted green) check also: -https://ethical.net/resources/?resource-category=email-services -https://hostsharing.coop/@cjj/106047950180429355 # Nextcloud (Dropbox alternative) (updated Mar 2022) - https://ocean.monocles.de/ ([solar power and refurbished hardware!](https://monocles.de/more/#eco-section)) - https://windcloud.de/produkte/managed-nextcloud (partially wind powered, waste heat used for growing algae) - https://ssl.greensta.de/nextcloud/ (Green Planet Energy (ehem. Greenpeace Energy)) - https://greenwebspace.com/green-cloud-nextcloud/ (Green energy, supporter of ecogood.org / Gemeinwohlökonomie) - https://www.datenkollektiv.net/ ("just" Hetzner, but provider is promoting GreenIT) - https://github.com/nextcloud/providers # Hosting providers (updated Feb 2022) https://lite.framacalc.org/green-webhost-ranking ## Self-hosting (updated July 2021) ### Docker based - yunohost - cloudron - [freedombox](https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/Home-Server/Pioneer-FreedomBox-HSK/open-source-hardware) - portainer - libre.sh v1 ## Kubernetes Operator based - https://k8s.libre.sh (v2) <- https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/106653656218105381 # Software (updated Apr 2022) see also: - https://degooglisons-internet.org/en/alternatives/#home and https://www.chatons.org/en and https://framalibre.org/alternatives - https://switching.software/ - https://ethical.net/resources/ - https://gitlab.com/linuxcafefederation/awesome-alternatives/-/blob/master/README.md#awesome-alternatives - https://git.nixnet.services/pluja/awesome-privacy#awesome-privacy - https://github.com/humanetech-community/awesome-humane-tech - https://www.privacytools.io/ - https://pad.okfn.org/p/google_alternatives - https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/Main_Page - https://pack.resetthenet.org/ - https://goodreports.com/ - https://myshadow.org/resources - https://www.nobigtech.es/ - https://www.opensourcealternative.to/ - https://opensource.builders/ - [switching.social](https://web.archive.org/web/20190915101437/https://switching.social/) - [prism-break.org](https://web.archive.org/web/20220315172004/https://prism-break.org/en/), source: https://gitlab.com/prism-break - https://european-alternatives.eu/ - https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/online-tools-for-the-pandemic - https://pad.vvvvvvaria.org/digital-solidarity-networks ## PDF Reader (updated Mar 2022) - KDE Okular ([Blue Angel certified](https://mastodon.social/@BE4FOSS/107965444323062309)!) ## Sustainable Software Engineering (updated May 2022) - https://open.hpi.de/courses/sustainablesoftware2022 - https://bits-und-baeume.org/en - https://theshiftproject.org/en/home/ - https://digitale-nachhaltigkeit.net (German) - https://futurzwei.org/article/rat-fuer-digitale-oekologie - https://climateaction.tech/ - https://512kb.club/ https://fosstodon.org/@garritfra/107990604860721221 - https://greensoftware.foundation/articles/10-recommendations-for-green-software-development https://mastodon.social/@ialja/107576792293856249 - https://climatejustice.global/@BUNDjugend_ak_digi (German) - https://hacc.earth/ - https://developersforfuture.org/ - https://humanetech.com/ https://codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/delightful - https://gerrymcgovern.com/books/world-wide-waste/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6TyMh1vgoQ and https://mastodon.social/@ialja/107837911419847339 - https://www.spektrum.de/magazin/die-energiekosten-der-digitalisierung/1875805 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76CZTFKJd5I (Anne-CĂ©cile Orgerie and Laurent LefĂšvre) - https://ratfuerdigitaleoekologie.org/de/ - https://cleaner-web.com/ - https://gute-seiten.org/ (German) - https://nachhaltiges-webdesign.jetzt/ (German) - https://www.digitale-gesellschaft.ch/nachhaltigkeit/ (German) - https://greening.digital/ - https://sustainablewebdesign.org/ - https://www.sustainablewebmanifesto.com/ - https://shop.digitalcourage.de/themen/kurzmuendig/kurz-und-muendig-edri-ethical-web-faire-websites-ethical-web-dev.html https://digitalcourage.social/@chpietsch/108035426581146615 (German) - https://www.hostsharing.net/downloads/hostsharing-vereinshandbuch.pdf (German) - https://www.websitecarbon.com/ - https://www.mightybytes.com/sustainability/ - https://www.sustainably-smart.eu/consortium/ (circular economy) - https://fairtec.io/en/ - https://epea.com/ - https://c2c-ev.de/ cradle2cradle - https://www.hostsharing.net/publikationen/vereinshandbuch/ https://geno.social/@hostsharing/108033439402963507 (German) - https://shop.digitalcourage.de/themen/kurzmuendig/kurz-und-muendig-edri-ethical-web-faire-websites-ethical-web-dev.html - https://www.webarchitects.coop/co-operative https://www.coops.tech/ - https://techgenossen.de/ (German) - https://uniteddiversity.coop/ - https://www.fiff.de/publikationen/fiff-kommunikation/fk-2020/fk-2020-1/fk-2020-1-content/fk-1-20-p40.pdf - https://floss.social/@alcinnz/108081066555753692 - https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/ - https://small-tech.org/ (General Data Minimisation Regulation) - https://sustainableux.com/ - https://app.electricitymap.org/map - https://shift.andrewpairman.com/ # Gaming Check out https://pad.hacc.space/green-games # Media For books, print media, journals, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, comics, books shops, goodreads alternatives, see https://pad.hacc.space/green-media # Bathroom (updated August 2021) ## hair dryer (updated August 2021) good: (not ranked) - Braun (made in China) - Philips (made in china) - https://www.relax-pro.com/ (blauer engel) - babyliss/GAMMAPIU/Ceriotti (made in Italy) - Valera (made in Swiss) # Kitchen (updated June 2021) https://chinanever.com/categories/kitchen-homeware-accessories https://www.dualit.com/ Made in UK, high-quality, durable, [repairable!](https://new-heritage.de/) ## Microwave (updated May 2021) - 10* 9° DE Miele (made in East-Europe, e.g. Poland) - 6.5* 8.9° SE Electrolux / AEG (easy to find spare parts) (manufactured globally, but a lot of small appliances are made in China) - 7* 7.1° JP/TR Sharp/Vestel - 5.5* 8.3° DE Bosch / Siemens / BSH (easy to find spare parts!) (manufacturing of small appliances mainly in Poland, Spain, Turkey, China) - 8* 5.2° KR LG (made in Korea and China) not recommend: - 6* 6.0° US Privileg / Bauknecht (Whirlpool) (small appliances mainly produced in China) - 4* 7.2° JP Panasonic (made in Japan and China) - 5* 6.1° TR Beko/Hanseatic(?) (Arcelik) (21 production plants in 8 countries TĂŒrkei, RumĂ€nien, Russland, China, SĂŒdafrika, Thailand, Pakistan und Indien) - 4* 7° JP Toshiba (made in China(?)) - 4* 5.9° CN Gorenje/Hisense - 3.5° 5.2° KR Samsung (made in Korea and China) Please note: - Sharp microwaves produced by turkish company Vestel in Turkey - Look at high-end models from Panasonic, LG, and Samsung. Some of their higher-end models are made in Japan and Korea respectively, however the magnetrons are likely still going to be Chinese made. Their mid range and lower models are made in China [source](https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/comments/idgn1e/microwaves_not_made_in_china/) - Electrolux / AEG is producing some of their cheap stand-alone microwaves in China (e.g. [AEG MFC3026S-M](https://www.amazon.it/gp/customer-reviews/R390ZA037ZF1T4/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00WHK5TG6)) - Bosch is producing also in China, e.g. microwave HMT72M450 - Severin (DE) is producing since 2020 only in China See also: - * = https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/home-garden/shopping-guide/microwaves (best 10, worst 1) - ° = (300 - average of totalrank+climaterank(company of the brand, licensee/producer, production sites))/30 in https://index.goodcountry.org/ (v1.4) - https://magazin.kuechenfinder.com/handelsmarken-bei-kuechengeraeten-welcher-hersteller-steckt-hinter-geraeten-von-privileg-hanseatic-ikea-co/ - https://magazin.kuechenfinder.com/kuechengeraete-im-vergleich-welche-hersteller-stecken-hinter-den-marken-miele-bosch-siemens-gaggenau-co/ ## Vacuum cleaners (updated Aug 2022) - Miele Made in Germany except Compact C1, C2, Complete C2, and Swing H1 vacuums: https://www.athomedivas.com/vacuum-cleaners/brands/miele/made-germany#what-is-the-difference-between-miele-vacuums-made-in-germany-vs-china ## fridge/freezer (updated June 2021) - ? DE Liebherr ## Sans and pots (updated May 2021) https://www.memo.de/kueche-reinigung-lebensmittel/geschirr-kuechenzubehoer/kochgeschirr/pfannen-toepfe/ - B+ Scanpan (Green Tek anti-stick coating is 100 % frei von PFOA- and PFOS, 100% recycled aluminium, made in EU) - B+ Gastrolux (BIOTAN PLUS anti-stick coating is 100 % frei von PFOA- and PFOS - it's possible to reapply the anti-stick coating, 100% recycled aluminium, made in EU) - B CHG (made in Germany) - B Le Creuset Cookwear (made in France/EU) - B Mauviel Cookwear (made in France/EU) (very classic) - B Ruffoni Cookwear (made in Italy/EU) (very classic) - B Zwilling Cookwear (made in Germany/EU) - B Staub Cookwear (made in France/EU) ## Blender (updated May 2021) - Braun MR 530 Sauce or MQ500 (made in in Breslau by Hi-P which also assembles Fairphones) - [Magimix Blenders (France)](https://chinanever.com/categories/kitchen-homeware-accessories) - Zwilling Cookwear (made in Germany/EU) ## Knives (updated May 2021) - Fiskars (Knives) (made in EU) - Victorinox Knives (made in Switzerland/EU) - Zwilling Cookwear (made in Germany/EU) - Sabatier knives are made in France - William Whiteley scissors are made in England - Wustoff Knives (made in Germany/EU) ## Dishes / plates (updated May 2021) - Seltmann Servingware (made in Germany/EU) # Food (updated August 2021) ## Pepper (updated August 2021) 59=33+26 Chile 62=29+33 Costa Rica 87=55+32 Brazil 103=53+60 India 110=45+65 Israel 124=60+64 China 136=63+73 Thailand 141=75+66 Mexico 155=41+114 South Africa 157=114+43 Sri Lanka 177=90+87 Indonesia 190=52+138 Malaysia 270=138+132 Vietnam Explaination, prefer pepper from India over pepper from Indonesia or Sri Lanka. The numbers are from https://index.goodcountry.org/ (v1.4) (totalrank+climaterank), the lower the better. ## Chili / Cayene (updated August 2021) e.g. Lebensbaum Chili-Flocken from Spain # Sanitary fittings manufacturer / bathroom equipment (updated May 2021) - DE/JP Grohe (not Hansgrohe) - winner of German Sustainability Award 2021 # Smoke detector (updated May 2021) - [Ei Electronics](https://www.memo.de/technik-licht/sicherheitstechnik/rauch-gasmelder/) (made in Europe) # Carpets (updated May 2021) - https://vorwerk-flooring.com/ # Curtains (updated May 2021) - Loom and Last curtains are made in UK # Light bulbs (updated May 2021) - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/energy/shopping-guide/light-bulbs # Clothing (updated Apr 2023) - A [GOTS](https://www.sustainably-chic.com/blog/what-is-gots-certified) (fair-trade + organic cotton certification) - Bleed4Nature: https://www.bleed-clothing.com/ ([covered by Plan B](https://www.textilmitteilungen.de/news-handel-mode-szene/bleed-gruender-zdf-doku-plan-b)) - B [ItalDenim, Jeanologia](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWxZvxJgUJA) - B [MUD Jeans](https://social.weho.st/@Fairphone/106466139832648991) (world's first circular jeans) todo: - https://www.avocadostore.de/ - https://directory.goodonyou.eco/ and https://goodonyou.eco/sustainable-clothing-brands/ - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/fashion-clothing - https://www.gls.de/privatkunden/ziehdichwarman/ # Outdoor (updated Jan 2023) Good: - 14~ Paramo (UK) - 1./15° Pyua (DE) [good](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/pyua) - 2./15° Elkline [good](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/elkline) - 12.5~ 4/15° Vaude (use [GOTS organic cotton and support ecogood.org / Gemeinwohlökonomie](https://nachhaltigkeitsbericht.vaude.com/gri/csr-standards/standards-und-zertifikate.php)) [good](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/good) - 12~ Lowe Alpine rucksacks - 12~ Rab - 11,5~ Alpkit - 5./15° 11 Patagonia [good](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/patagonia) - § Bleed4Nature: https://www.bleed-clothing.com/ ([covered by Plan B](https://www.textilmitteilungen.de/news-handel-mode-szene/bleed-gruender-zdf-doku-plan-b)) - 13/15° Houdini [good](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/houdini) - 4.5~ The North Face (VF Corporation) [good](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/the-north-face) "it's a start": - 3./15° KlĂ€ttermusen [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/klattermusen) - 6/15° [Triple2](https://utopia.de/produkt/triple2/) [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/triple2) - 7/15° Odlo [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/odlo) - 8/15° Picture Organic Clothing [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/picture) - 9/15° Engel Sports - 10/15° Schöffel [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/schoffel) - 9.5~ Mammut [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/mammut) - 9~ FjĂ€llrĂ€ven (Fenix Outdoor Int'l/Nordin Family) [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/fjallraven) - 9~ Montane (Inverleih LLP, Montane Ltd) - 8.5~ Sprayway (Bollin Group) - 8~ Haglofs (ASICS Corporation) [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/haglofs) - 8~ Mountain Equipment (Bollin Group) - Tatonka - Trigema ([cradle to cradle](https://greenwire.greenpeace.de/system/files/2019-04/e01211-greenpeace-chemie-einkaufsratgeber-textil-siegel-2018.pdf), local production in Germany) - freitag.ch - Fahrer Berlin - Lumabag - Brooks [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/deuter) - Ortlieb - § https://www.thokkthokkmarket.com/ - 6.5 Teva [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/teva) - 6~ Jack Wolfskin (bought by Callaway (US) in 2018) [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/jack-wolfskin) - 5~ prAna (organic) (Columbia) [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/prana) - 3.5 Adidas [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/adidas) Not good enough: - 11/15° Dakine [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/dakine) - 12/15° Deuter [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/deuter) - 6.5~ Mountain Warehouse - 6.5~ Regatta/Dare2b/Craghoppers (Joanne and Keith Black) [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/regatta) - 6 Salomon [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/salomon) - Salewa IT [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/salewa) - 5.5~ Ayacucho (PAI Partners) - 5.5~ Trespass (Jacobs & Turner) - 5~ Berghaus (Pentland) - 4~ Basher walking boots (Pentland) - 4~ Columbia [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/columbia) - 4~ Eurohike (Pentland) - 4~ H-Gear (Pentland) - 4~ Peter Storm (Pentland) - 4~ Mountain Hardwear (Columbia) [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/columbia) - 4~ Sorel walking boots (Columbia) [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/columbia) - 3~ Coleman, Camping Gaz (Newell) - 3~ Marmot (Newell) [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/columbia) - 2~ Quechua/Forclaz/Simond (Decathlon) - 1,5~ Gelert/Karrimor (Frasers Group/Mike Ashley) the order and the ranking is based on: - https://directory.goodonyou.eco/ - ° https://utopia.de/bestenlisten/outdoor-bekleidung-die-besten-marken/ from 2019 - ~ https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/sites/default/files/flipbook/Issue195Preview/10/ from March/April 2022 [[mirror]](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/107995309954077857) - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/fashion-clothing/shopping-guide/waterproof-insulated-jackets - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/climbing-industry (covering Vaude) - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/fashion-clothing/shopping-guide/walking-boots - https://www.bikecitizens.net/sustainable-fashion-cyclist/ - § https://digitalcourage.social/@stefanierueckert/107993130044405197 # Skiing (added Jan 2023) Ski from [recycelte material by Fischer](https://dbmobil.de/aktuelles/thema-der-woche/gruenes-wedeln) Ski shoes by Tecnica or Scarpa # Hiking boots (updated Apr 2023) - Meindl DE (made in Europe - except "MAGIC" product line; not owned by big equity company, 8*) - Schladminger (made in Europe) - Scarpa IT ([90% made in Europe](https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Scarpa_(Unternehmen)&oldid=228907906#cite_ref-3)) - 9.5~ Mammut [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/mammut) - Lowa (made in Europe; owned by Tecnica IT) - La Sportiva IT - hanwag DE/SE (made in Germany, Croatia and Hungary) same owner as FjĂ€llrĂ€ven (Fenix Outdoor Int'l/Nordin Family) [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/fjallraven) be aware: - 6~ Jack Wolfskin (bought by Callaway (US) in 2018) [it's a start](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/jack-wolfskin) - 6 Salomon [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/salomon) - Salewa IT [not good enough](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/salewa) # Shoes (updated Jan 2023) - veja [good](https://directory.goodonyou.eco/brand/veja) - Wills Vegan Shoes UK (vegan, made in Portugal, 16*) - https://www.vegetarian-shoes.co.uk/ UK (vegan, made in UK/Europe, small business/not owned by big equity company, 13,5*) - https://allmyeco.com/ (vegan, made in Spain) be aware: - Birkenstock (bought 2021 by LVMH MoĂ«t Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SE) to do: - https://directory.goodonyou.eco/search/sneakers see also - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/fashion-clothing/shopping-guide/walking-boots - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/fashion-clothing/shopping-guide/ethical-sportswear - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/fashion-clothing/shopping-guide/ethical-shoes - https://www.allbirds.com/ (made from wool and other natural resources) # Watch (added Feb 2022) https://pad.hacc.space/green-watch?view # Wood (updated May 2021) - FSC (be careful about wood [from Romania](https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/planet-e/planet-e-fast-furniture-100.html) or [from Bulgaria](https://youtu.be/QaHMqhjOzn8?t=1544) or [from Estonia](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/14/carbon-neutrality-is-a-fairy-tale-how-the-race-for-renewables-is-burning-europes-forests)) - Naturland - [https://social.tchncs.de/@Herbstfreud/105669007340502496](https://web.archive.org/web/20210204130312if_/https://social.tchncs.de/@Herbstfreud/105669007340502496) not: - PEFC if you don't know the forest ranger # Furniture (updated May 2021) Only solid wood without chemicals can be recycled properly and have a long lifetime. - https://utopia.de/bestenlisten/nachhaltige-moebelhaeuser-bio-oeko-moebel/ - https://moebelwende.org/alternativen/ - https://holzhochzwei.de/ - https://www.naturnah-moebel.de/ # Mattresses (updated Sep 2021) Some random findings in the internet about mattresses: With online shops like bett1.de about 10-20% of all produced mattresses end up as wasted, because it is easy for them to throw away returned mattresses. But there are **online shops** which do it better: - https://betten.de - in their [FAQ](https://www.betten.de/faq-haeufige-fragen.html) they write, that they clean returned mattresses and make sure they get reused. Also postive, they [plant trees]( https://www.betten.de/wir-pflanzen-baeume.html) and third positve fact, they are located in Schwarzwald/Heubach and many of their mattresses are produced mainly there with some parts made in Europe (like Clever Sleep and Orthowell) > Bekomme ich bei Bestellung garantiert neue Ware, was machen Sie mit zurĂŒckgegebener Ware? > Sie erhalten bei einer Bestellung garantiert fabrikneue und unbenutzte Ware. RĂŒcksendungen werden sorgfĂ€ltig geprĂŒft und an soziale Einrichtungen weitergeleitet bzw. ĂŒber einen regionalen Secondhand-Handel vertrieben. Unsere Matratzen-RĂŒcklĂ€ufer werden beispielsweise mit Dampf gereinigt und grĂ¶ĂŸtenteils verschiedenen karitativen Institutionen gespendet. And **greener**: - https://www.allnatura.de - Made in Germany/Schwarzwald/Heubach, sustainable mattresses, used by many biohotels.info, have a sustainable report - https://roominabox.de/products/naturlatex-matratze - sustainable furniture made of paper and offering other sustainable products (Made in Germany/Portugal), FSC-certified - https://www.grueneerde.com/ - super sustainable, made in Europe, QUL-certified - https://www.avocadostore.de/ - offering many sustainable mattress brands like ecotrend, prolana (fair rubber certified and made in Baden-Wuerttemberg), ecomia, 4betterdays .. - https://www.hessnatur.com/de/basic-matratze-mit-bio-baumwolle/p/47822 - https://www.elza.de/ - Made in Schwarzwald (near Heubach), available in online shops like https://www.matratzen-bettwarenshop.de/de/Matratzen/Elza-Natur-Matratzen/ - https://www.wayfair.de - huge commercial online shop, but also having sustainable brands like prolana - betten-abc.de (you can filter for "Made in Germany") - schlafwelt.de you can filter for "sustainable mattresses" Maybe another alternative to reduce waste, **offline shops**: - https://www.allnatura.de/allnatura-essenziell/allnatura-vor-ort-erleben/unser-bettenfachgeschaeft/ihre-vorteile-in-unserem-bettenfachgeschaeft.html Schwarzwald/Heubach and berlin - http://www.schwarzwald-schaefer.de/ Schwarzwald (near Heubach) - ELZA (see above) - https://oekocontrol.com/fachhaendler/ - https://www.grueneerde.com/de/stores/schlafwelten.html#stores-deutschland - see above - https://www.prolana.com/haendler/ - see avocadostore above - https://www.dormiente.com/nc/matratzen-schlafsysteme/betten-kaufen-store-locator.html - fair trade certified materials - f.a.n. (Frankenstolz, made in Germany/Augsburg) https://frankenstolz.de/unsere-haendler/ from their web page, they seem to take sustainability serious; wide variety of different matresses - https://malie-matratzen.de/haendlersuche/ (Made in Germany/Mecklenburg) - they try to sell them self as "green", available also via betten.de - https://www.hn8.de/haendlerverzeichnis/ (Made in Germany/Schwarzwald/Haslach (near Hausach)) - Looks like standard mattresses and available on bigger furniture shops) don't go to: - Matrazen Concord (bought by big investment company) some other maybe not so green brands, but Made in Europe: - [BeCo](https://www.otto.de/heimtextilien/matratzen/?marke=beco) Made in Germany/LĂŒbbecke almost 100% CO2 Neutral, use FSC for their wood products, produce also for other big brands - [Schlaraffia](https://www.otto.de/heimtextilien/matratzen/?marke=schlaraffia) (made in Europe) - Breckle (made in Germany) - [Tempur](https://www.otto.de/heimtextilien/matratzen/?marke=tempur) (made in Denmark) (NASA's memory foam) also available in US - Bodyguard bett1.de (made in Germany) - Badenia Trendline (made in Germany) more details: -https://utopia.de/ratgeber/nachhaltig-schlafen-die-besten-hersteller-produkte-und-shops/ # Fitted sheet (Spannbetttuch) & mattress cover (Matratzenschoner) (updated Sep 2021) - https://www.grueneerde.com - see above - https://www.avocadostore.de/wohnen/schlafzimmer-spannbettlaken - many many brands - Setex - [cheap](https://www.lidl.de/p/setex-biber-spannbettlaken-gots/p100262843) real organic cotton (GOTS)! # Tools (updated Jan 2022) - DE Stihl - JP Makita 56csrhub.com (usually better spare parts available compared to Echo) - JP Echo (Yamabiko Corp) 67csrhub.com # Construction machinery (added May 2022) - DE Wacker Neuson 100% electric https://www.wackerneuson.de/en/zero-emission # Electricity provider (added Aug 2022) - Prefer coops: https://microblog.social/notes/93x99w3lfm - https://utopia.de/bestenlisten/die-besten-oekostrom-anbieter/ nice to know: - https://app.electricitymap.org/ - https://www.energy-charts.info - https://www.smard.de/home # Home heating (updated Feb 2022, https://social.tchncs.de/@michiel, https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie) see https://pad.hacc.space/green-media?view # Solar panels (updated Feb 2022) For warm water and heat production - https://www.solitek.eu/en/solar-panels (cradle to cradle certified) # Photovoltaics (PV) (updated May 2022) To produce electric energy - [Meyer Burger](https://www.wagner-solar.com/de/strom/produkte-strom/solarmodule/meyer-burger) (headquarter in Switzerland, production in Germany) - [CS Wismar](https://www.wagner-solar.com/de/strom/produkte-strom/solarmodule/sonnenstromfabrik-cs-wismar) (headquarter in Switzerland, production in Germany) - Heckert Solar (headquarter in Germany, production in Germany) - [Eurener](https://www.wagner-solar.com/de/strom/produkte-strom/solarmodule/eurener) (Spain) - [Aleo Solar](https://digitalcourage.social/@denkbeteiligung/108146686366164446) (production in Prenzlau, Germany?) todo: - MCPV? (headquarter in Germany, [building new big plant in Germany](https://www.klimareporter.de/finanzen-wirtschaft/abhaengig-von-chinas-sonne?fbclid=IwAR1QQB258LDLPq8KPE_R4lGhW4wEtD5Gt0AyINcW5hAlvcrrlIXU7qe6DNM)) - European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) ## accessories - mounting: Wagner Tric A or F (Germany, CO2-neutral, passive house, activism) - inverter: tbd, e.g. https://www.wagner-solar.com/de/strom/produkte-strom/wechselrichter or [Fronius or Victron MultiPlus2](https://digitalcourage.social/@denkbeteiligung/108146686366164446) # Home battery systems (updated Feb 2022) - USA Aquion Batteries ([cradle to cradle bronze](https://www.solarwirtschaft.de/fileadmin/media/pdf/offgrid_2016/II1_2_Aquion.pdf)) See also: - free software for battery systems: https://mastodon.technology/@conservancy/107696980127734236 # Electric vehicle charging (updated Nov 2023) - OpenEVSE.com/ - Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions - https://openwb.de Open Wallbox - evcc.io / https://github.com/evcc-io/evcc # Cars (updated June 2022, mainly based on [oekom 2017](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/106077223301841350) and ethicalconsumer.org Issue 197[^ethicalConsumerCars22]) - B SE Volvo (#2 machinery(!) oekom 2018, 2010 B), 86csrhub2021, score:10[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B- Honda 12,7, 81csrhub2021, score:6.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B-- FR Peugeot(Opel,Citroen) (oekom 2017 1. C+) (9,3), 91csrhub2021, score:6[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B-- DE Mercedes/Daimler B- oekom 2016/17? 10,6, 87csrhub2021, score:6[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B-- IT Fiat/Iveco 10,7 C oekom 2008/09 95csrhub2022, score:6[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B--- DE BMW (oekom 2017 3. C+) (10,4) (73% #17 forbes 2018), 87csrhub2021, score:5.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B--- US Ford 11,1, 89csrhub2022, score:5.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B--- US Tesla (oekom 2016/17? 2. C+), 39csrhub2022 ([2022 removed from ESG Index](https://taz.de/Tesla-fliegt-aus-Nachhaltigkeitsindex/!5855886/)), score:5.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B---- JP Toyota 11,4, C oekom2017, 91csrhub2022, score:5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - B----- DE MAN 2014 (#3 machinery(!) oekom 2017 B-) (gehört zu VW), 94csrhub2021 - C GeneralMotors 15,6, 95csrhub2022, score:4.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - C Kia score:4.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - C Mitsubishi D, 84csrhub2021, score:4.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - C- FR Renault, Dacia (B- oekom 2017 #2, 2010 B) (9,3), 81csrhub2021, score:4[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - C- DE VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, B- 2014, D oekom2017, then removed after emission scandal 11,6, 86csrhub2022, score:4[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - D JP Nissan 11,3 in 2015 oekom prime, 73csrhub2021, score:3.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - D-- Hyundai, 83csrhub2021, score:2.5[^ethicalConsumerCars22] - D--- Subaru, 82csrhub2021 - F Suzuki, 66csrhub2021 Check also https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/cars and https://www.csrhub.com. If you want to learn more about Oekom ranking: https://media.ccc.de/v/bub2018-36-umfassende_nachhaltigkeitsbewertung_von_unternehmen_der_digitalen_wirtschaft [^ethicalConsumerCars22]: [https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/ethical-consumer-magazine Issue 197](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/108515850046373088) ![from https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/ethical-consumer-magazine Issue 197 - https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/108515850046373088](https://digitalcourage.social/system/media_attachments/files/108/515/842/712/811/257/original/22a7c6cf1b1e59ba.png) # Gas filling stations (based on [oekom 2017](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/106077223301841350)) "good": - C Total (FR) - C+ Agip / Eni (IT) - ? OIL (DE) (independend) - ? Avia (CH) (independend) - ? bft (independend) not good: - C- BP (UK) (ARAL) - ? HEM / Deutsche Tamoil (Libya) - C- Jet / ConocoPhillips /Phillips 66 (US) - C- Esso / Exxon Mobil (US) - D+ Gazprom (RU) - D- PetroChina (China) ![Oekom Sustainability Report 2017](https://ttm.sh/tCo.png) # CO2 compensation (updated Apr 2023) - https://compensators.org - [buy REAL CO2 certificates](https://digitalcourage.social/@GeorgEhring@social.cologne/110197143346383128) (https://www.deutschlandfunk.de/verbrauchertipp-beitrag-zum-klimaschutz-emissionsrechte-stilllegen-dlf-006a5dc2-100.html) - https://climatefair.de recommended by Prof. WeizsĂ€cker (Club of Rome) - atmosfair [recommended by GLS](https://ruhr.social/@glsbank/108679420375149254) - https://www.moor-land.de/klimaspende check also: https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/106433237670608527, which covers: - atmosfair - myclimate - primaklima - klima-kollete - climate-partner - Klima-manufaktor - Arktik Don't use [Verra](https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/jan/18/revealed-forest-carbon-offsets-biggest-provider-worthless-verra-aoe)!!!! # Painting (updated Feb 2021) - A BioFa - A Auro - C Covestro more: - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/home-garden/shopping-guide/paint - https://www.oekoplus.com/ # Bicycles (updated Apr 2023) https://digitalcourage.social/tags/ZeigDeinRad very good: - [VSF Fahrradmanufaktur](https://digitalcourage.social/@chpietsch/106733920903270694) DE (mostly produced in Odenburg, owned by Prophete/Cycle Union DE) - Kreidler DE (mostly produced in Odenburg, owned by Prophete/Cycle Union DE) - https://portus-cycles.de (custom frames, made in DE) - Böttcher (independend manufacturer from Germany) good: - Raleigh UK (Accell Group) - **!!Raleigh in Germany is owned by Derby Cycle!!** (middle rating by [ethicalconsumer.org](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes) 2022, [assembled and painted in the Netherlands, Turkey and Hungary, some parts from China](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes), 74 csrhub22) - Trek US (mostly [made in Taiwan by Giant](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes)) (middle rating by [ethicalconsumer.org](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes) 2022) ok: - Brompton UK ([signed the The Shift Cycling Industry Climate Commitment](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes) to recognise and reduce its contribution to climate change, assembled in UK, worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Specialized US ([signed the The Shift Cycling Industry Climate Commitment](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes) to recognise and reduce its contribution to climate change, worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Pashley ([claim to be "hand-crafted in Britain"](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes)) - [Riese und MĂŒller](https://norden.social/@Trojaner/106733785156726937) DE (R&D, assembly, and delivery made in MĂŒhltal/Walterstadt) - [Intec](https://intec.ra-co.de/) DE (assembled and painted in Erfurt, frame and other parts from Asia) - Canyon Bicycles DE (probably made partially in Asia) - Stevens DE (probably made partially in Asia) - Cube DE (probably made partially in Asia) - Bergamont DE (design made in Hamburg, complete production and manufacturing made in Asia) bad: - Adventure (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Apollo (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Boardman (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Boss (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Coyote (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Carrera (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Claud Butler (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Dahon – folding only (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Dawes (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - De Novo (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Elswick (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Enigma Titanium (claim to be british, but actually [it's not](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes), worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Insync (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Falcon (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Genesis (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Giant TW ([made in Taiwan and China](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes), worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22], 42 csrhub22) - Gocycle – folding only (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Kudos E-Bikes ([made in China](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes), worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Lectro (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Li-fe – folding only (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Pendleton (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Pon Holdings (Cannondale, Focus, Gazelle, GT, Kalkhoff, Mongoose, Schwinn) (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Ridgeback (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Ryedale (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Saracen (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Viking (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Voodoo (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Woosh E-bikes ([made in China](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes), worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) - Zombie (worst rating[^ethicalconsumerbike22]) [^ethicalconsumerbike22]: https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes from June 2022 very bad: - Frasers Group (Evans Cycles, Pinnacle, Muddyfox) (lowest scoring company in [ethicalconsumer.org](https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/bikes) 2022 and received our worst rating across all areas in which it was rated, 36 csrhub22) very interesting: - https://www.zeit.de/mobilitaet/2020-04/produktion-e-bike-herstellung-akku-motor-rahmen-deutschland/komplettansicht - https://www.fahrradmonteur.de/Fahrradtechnik_und_Fotografie todo: - [incycles](https://www.dw.com/de/portugal-ist-fahrradbau-europameister/a-63021426) (assembly+painting in Portugal) (produce for: Lime, Cycle Eleven, elementarcycles, ...) from 2016: - usually better quality: Stevens, Giant, Bulls, Brompton, Corratec, Steppenwolf, Gudereit, Bergamont, Cannondale, Rotwild, Orbea, Villiger, Steppenwolf, Alan, Cinelli, Colnago, CervĂ©lo, Dynamics, Trek, Red Bull, Radon, Cube, Canyon, Centurion, Poison, Rose, Stevens, Cannondale, Scott, Specialized, Steppenwolf, Villiger, KTM, Epple, Puch, Calvin, Conway, Hercules, Kalkhoff, Kettler, Gudereit, Diamant, Stevens, Kreidler, Göricke, Quelle/Mars, Baur/Universal, Victoria, Simplon, Raleigh, Radon, Panther, Morrison, Kettler, Bergamont, Kalkhof, Fahrradmanufaktur - mixed quality: Pegasus, NSU (ZEG), Triumph (ZEG), Climber (Tschibo) - not so good quality: Germatec, Winora, Centurion, Schauff, Bike Manufactur see also: -https://chinanever.com/categories/sports-accessories-and-bikes-not-made-in-china ## Chains (updated 2021) - DE connex ## Light (updated 2021) - DE Busch und MĂŒller https://www.bumm.de/en/ - UK https://seesense.cc/ ## Hub dynamo - DE SON ## Internal gear hub - DE Rohloff (made in Kassel and Fulda) ## Luggage carrier - DE Racktime / Tubus ## Cargo Bike (updated Mar 2022) - see https://mastodon.oi7.de/@tommy/107948615158260220 ## Bike trailer (updated Mar 2022) those have less chemicals: - Hamax - Queridoo - Leggero - Thule see also: - https://utopia.de/kinder-fahrradanhaenger-test-oekotest-144950/ - https://www.testberichte.de/fahrrad-zubehoere/2797/fahrradanhaenger/testberichte/oeko-test/2019-06-27.html - https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_von_Fahrradanh%C3%A4ngerherstellern # Banking / fair finance / money (updated 2019) - https://fairfinanceguide.org/ - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/money-finance/shopping-guide/ethical-savings-accounts - https://urgewald.org/ ## ETFs (updated July 2021) - Don't buy ETFs: https://homemade-finance.de/etf-nachteile/ - There are no sustainable ETFs... https://www.ecoreporter.de/ - Many good alternatives available like: ÖKOWORLD GROWING MARKETS 2.0, GLS BANK AKTIENFONDS, Erste Green Invest, KCD Mikrofinanzfonds – III, FAIR WORLD FONDS, Vontobel Fund - Clean Technology # Insurances (updated 2023) - ver.de - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/money-finance - https://www.bibessen.de/privatkunden/versicherung.html - https://www.anthrovita.de/ (used by [Freie Talschule Tonndorf](https://fair.tube/w/evC2hTgDq39keFFtF9PqVX)) # Coops (updated 2021) - https://social.tchncs.de/@Defender/105486435727533571 # Donations platform / funding / kickstarter / Patreon alternative (updated May 2022) - https://opencollective.com/ (great for coops and open source projects) - https://snowdrift.coop/ (AGPL) - https://en.liberapay.com/ (use and used by lot of open source) - https://www.betterplace.org/en (is non-profit itself) - http://www.gls-crowdfunding.de/ - https://donorbox.org (?) used by Federated Network Association https://feneas.org todo check those as well: - https://steadyhq.com - KoFi # Package delivery services (updated Aug 2023) CSR result of [test.de 2022/11](https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/110950926541307218) - 2 DHL - 3 DPD - 3 GLS - 3 Hermes - 3 UPS - 3 Amazon (the lower the better) ![](https://digitalcourage.social/system/media_attachments/files/110/950/901/058/200/319/original/2f60c78ecbe68818.png) ![](https://digitalcourage.social/system/media_attachments/files/110/950/901/097/387/775/original/198c27a603a89237.png) # Travel ## Couchsurfing alternative (updated Aug 2021) - https://www.bewelcome.org/ (hosted green with Hetzner, opensource, [trade-free.org](https://www.verzeichnis.handelsfrei.org/gueter-dienstleistungen/bewelcome/)) - https://openhospitalitynetwork.github.io/ - https://social.kabi.tk/@tobi/106607118899189762 - https://www.trustroots.org/ - https://campaign.openworlds.info/@trustroots - Pasporta Servo was the first one (since 1974). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasporta_Servo https://sunbeam.city/@reclus/106608985867103267 - HospitalityClub and Helpx https://mastodon.nzoss.nz/@strypey/106609168710287104 - Ecovillages Europe https://greenroad.in.ua/ - http://wwoofinternational.org/ ## Camping (updated Aug 2022) - https://welcometomygarden.be/ - https://opencampingmap.org/index.html.de#10/49.3274/7.7742/1/1/bef - https://ecocamping.de/ - https://www.canopyandstars.co.uk/ ## Hotels / AirBnB alternative (updated Aug 2022) - https://www.biohotels.info - https://bookitgreen.com/en/ - https://www.bookdifferent.com/en/ - https://fairweg.de/ - https://www.fairunterwegs.org/ - https://ecobnb.de/ - https://goodtravel.de/ - https://www.treeday.net/ - https://blog.hihostels.com/green-eco-hostels/ - https://independenthostels.co.uk/ - https://www.socialbnb.org - https://fairbnb.coop/ - https://stillefinden.org - https://utopia.de/ratgeber/good-travel-treeday-ecobnb-bookitgreen/ Why to avoid Airbnb: https://digitalcourage.social/@aligyie/108780924834494732 ## Packaged holiday (updated Aug 2022) - https://www.responsibletravel.com/ - https://www.ic-gruppenreisen.de - https://www.tourcert.org/ - https://www.wikinger-reisen.de/ - https://www.baumeler.ch/ - https://www.renatour.de/ - https://forumandersreisen.de/startseite/aktuelles/ - https://www.wildganz.com/ - https://www.reisenmitsinnen.de/ - https://www.neuewege.com/ - https://www.bund-reisen.de/ - https://www.viabono.de/ - https://gutbuerger.reisen/ - https://www.wirsindanderswo.de/home/ - https://utopia.de/ratgeber/oekologisch-reisen-reiseanbieter-oeko-urlaub/ - https://www.muchbetteradventures.com/ - https://www.byway.travel/ - https://www.inntravel.co.uk/ - https://www.canopyandstars.co.uk/ - https://www.europeansafaricompany.com/ - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/travel-booking-companies ## Packaged train holidays (updated Aug 2022) - https://www.traivelling.com/ https://digitalcourage.social/@stefanierueckert/107977741530411780 - https://www.seat61.com/holidays-by-train.htm - https://www.railbookers.co.uk/ - https://www.tailormaderail.com/ - https://www.greatrail.com/ - https://www.raildiscoveries.com/ - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/transport-travel/shopping-guide/travel-booking-companies ## Trains (updated Aug 2022) - https://nachtzugkarte.de/ - https://night-trains.com/ - http://www.nachtzug-planer.de/ https://digitalcourage.social/@stefanierueckert/107977741530411780 - https://www.interrail.eu - https://www.europamitdemzug.ch/ - https://www.openrailwaymap.org/ (electrification map) - https://commutetimemap.com/map https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Isochrone - rent a train https://www.svgmbh.com - https://bahn.guru/ - https://direkt.bahn.guru/ - https://www.fernbahn.de/datenbank/suche/#form2 - https://www.seat61.com/ - https://stay-grounded.org/lets-stay-grounded/travel-differently/ - https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/umwelttipps-fuer-den-alltag/garten-freizeit/urlaubsreisen#gewusst-wie - http://ecopassenger.hafas.de/bin/query.exe/en?L=vs_uic ## Green Towns (updated July 2021) https://www.zvw.de/lokales/schorndorf/was-die-baupl%C3%A4tze-im-schorndorfer-neubaugebiet-obere-stra%C3%9Fen%C3%A4cker-kosten-werden_arid-339020 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ii,_Finland https://www.opengreenmap.org/node/6303/outcomes https://www.zeit.de/die-antwort/2020-01/kommunalpolitik-monheim-buergermeister-daniel-zimmermann-gewerbesteuer-kitas?utm_campaign=ref&utm_source=twitter_zonaudev_int&utm_content=zeitde_redpost+_link_sf&wt_zmc=sm.int.zonaudev.twitter.ref.zeitde.redpost.link.sf&utm_medium=sm https://www.klimakommune-saerbeck.de/city_info/webaccessibility/index.cfm?region_id=408&waid=315 https://www.stadt-muenster.de/tourismus/fahrradhauptstadt.html https://www.pressenza.com/de/2021/02/stadt-muenster-nimmt-kurs-auf-gemeinwohl/ https://www.freiburg.de/pb/,Lde/1307780.html https://www.ramsau.com/de/natuerlich-urlaub https://hohetauern.at/de/natur.html https://www.eschweiler.de/city_info/webaccessibility/index.cfm?waid=458&modul_id=33&record_id=95895 https://www.aschau.de/oeko-kultur-wanderweg https://transitionnetwork.org/stories/ungersheim-village-transition-france/ http://www.earthship-tempelhof.de/ http://www.gemeinde-werfenweng.at/ https://www.alpine-pearls.com/en/ https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saas-Fee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mechelen https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/mayors-climate-change-planning-network-compact-of-mayors http://www.vetalapalma.es/ http://www.biohof-doll.de/ https://www.ecoreporter.de/artikel/unabhangige-analyse-anleihe-2019-der-naturstrom-ag-im-ecoanlagecheck/ http://www.ueberau.de/ https://stiftung-gemeinwohloekonomie.nrw/gemeinwohlregion-kreis-hoexter/ https://utopia.de/ratgeber/deutscher-nachhaltigkeitspreis-gewinner-und-finalisten-2020/ https://blog.gls.de/bankspiegel/gemeinschaftlich-zum-bioenergiedorf/ https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/insel-astypalea-elektrifizierung-griechenland-volkswagen-101.html https://index.goodcountry.org/ https://www.theclimategroup.org/our-work/states-and-regions-under2-coalition <!-- ![https://www.theclimategroup.org/our-work/states-and-regions-under2-coalition](https://pad.hacc.space/uploads/upload_f1db8af46c7821c10cf701359826e211.png) --> ![https://www.theclimategroup.org/our-work/states-and-regions-under2-coalition](https://www.theclimategroup.org/sites/default/files/styles/image_with_text_desktop_wide_x2/public/2020-10/under2-map-website-Aug%202019_2-v2.png?h=9f963186&itok=-HvUULFr) ## Good Countries https://pad.hacc.space/good-country?view # Further readings (updated Jul 2023) - https://www.climesumer.com/sustainablealternative - https://www.ethicalconsumer.org - https://www.csrhub.com (with data also from iss esg / oekom) - https://www.blauer-engel.de/ - https://www.gruener-hahn.net/ - https://www.emas.de/ - https://www.indicereparabilite.fr/ - https://index.goodcountry.org/ - https://www.digitale-gesellschaft.ch/nachhaltigkeit/ - https://www.productfrom.com/categories - https://www.reddit.com/r/avoidchineseproducts/ - https://notmadeinchina.directory not updated recently but probably still relevant: - http://www.greenpeace.org/archive-international/Global/international/publications/climate/2010/Cool%20IT%20V3%20full%20report%282%29.pdf Greenpeace cool IT from 2010 mostly about solutions for climat change and reduction of CO2 and advocacy - wegreen.de 2014 (down?) - Greenpeace guide to greener electronics (2017) (more or less only about toxic material, but a recent ranking) - rankabrand.org from 2016/2017 for sector electronics - https://oekom-research.com (check out [Report from 2017](https://ttm.sh/uCy.pdf) and [oekom's talk at Bits and BĂ€ume 2018](https://media.ccc.de/v/bub2018-36-umfassende_nachhaltigkeitsbewertung_von_unternehmen_der_digitalen_wirtschaft) ) - 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